Danielle Nengerman graduated the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 1996 and lives and works in Arnhem. She teaches art at "Atelier Creso" in Velp and from her own atelier.

These paintings emerge out of an intuitive research into impermanence.

The themes in the paintings are subject to time and in our daily lives we often face them without noticing them. They hold life and catch the light without moving, they might move us as we notice them, reminding us of our own impermanence.


The bowl, or a cup, represents our need to try and hold on to things passing by. In Chinese culture the rice bowl symbolizes togetherness and sustenance.


The landscapes touch on a similar feeling:

How fleeting is time and still the surface of the water flooding the land, how inevitable the continuous changing of leaves and the light in between.



For information about lessons and prices of paintings: art@daniellenengerman.nl


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